Announcing December’s Theme: Mindfulness

Announcing December’s Theme: Mindfulness!

As you start gearing up for the holidays, we’re preparing the December box and are very excited about next month's theme!

Bombay and Cedar Mindfulness Theme

The theme for December is…


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply being in the moment. It’s being aware of your surroundings, other people, and your own thoughts and feelings. And don’t we all need a little more of that in our lives, especially around the holidays?

Being mindful in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will help you take all the stress that comes at this time of year in stride. You’ll be able to better deal with the many problems that come up as you take a little time for yourself to just breathe and be aware.

Get ready to learn to relax in the midst of chaos, to center yourself through yoga, and to use essential oils to help bring yourself into a greater state of mindfulness with our December box!

Spoilers coming soon!

What are you waiting for? You have until December 15th or until supplies last to order yours! We sold out early last month so don't miss out on this one! If you’re not already a Tribe BC member, make sure you reserve your box here:  GET THE BOX!

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