Christmas Gift Ideas for Health and Wellness

Christmas Gift Ideas for Health and Wellness

If you’re like most people, you want your loved ones to be healthy in every possible way, so why not give them the gift of health and wellness this Christmas with our Christmas gift ideas. Whoever you’re buying for this year, if they value their health at all, they’ll absolutely love these gifts.

Wellness Gifts

Here are 8 Christmas gift ideas for health and wellness:

  1. Bombay & Cedar Subscription Box

You know this would be on the list, but what better way to provide someone you love with the gift of health and wellness than one of our subscription boxes? Every one of our boxes contain full-sized products and is vegan and cruelty free. In addition to essential oils, we also include healthy snacks, books, and many more products that your loved one is sure to love.

  1. Natural Soaps

There are a number of types of natural soap that you can get the women on your list this year that they’re sure to love. What’s great about soap is that it’s practical, so they’ll definitely be able to use it. Plus, natural soaps are hypoallergenic so there’s no worry about giving them something that could hurt them.

  1. Yoga Mat

If you know someone is in the market for a new yoga mat, then why not save them some money by getting them an awesome yoga mat that they can use, whether they’re already doing yoga every day or they want to start. By getting them a yoga mat for Christmas, you’ll help make it easy for them to pursue health.

  1. Meditation Candles

Sometimes, all it takes to help a person relax is to give them a meditation candle. There are a number of scented candles infused with essential oils that can help anyone relax whether they’re using it at their work area or in their home. Lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile are some of the most common scented candles used for relaxation.

  1. Exercise Clothes

Getting a woman on your list exercise clothes will help encourage them to either keep going with their exercise regimen, or give them the motivation to finally do what they’ve been wanting to do. Although clothes as gifts is generally a bad idea since they’re personal, exercise clothes are more about function than fashion, so they can make great gifts to improve a person’s wellness.

  1. Journal/Diary

For thoughtful women that spend a lot of time in their own heads, a journal or diary is a great Christmas gift idea. They can use it to record their thoughts which can actually help them improve their mental health as they’ll be able to let out their emotions, organize their scattered thoughts, and write out their plans for the future.

  1. Eye Mask

Few things improve a person’s general wellness than a good night of sleep, so why not give the gift of great sleep by giving them an eye mask? You can find a wide variety of eye masks, some that are simply luxurious for a good night of sleep, and some that you can cool down to put on your eyes to relieve headaches and induce relaxation.

  1. Water Bottle

Proper hydration is essential for health, so why not give the gift of hydration by picking out a cute and functional water bottle for the loved one on your list? Today, you can even find double-insulated stainless-steel bottles that will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours, so whether she’s drink hot tea in the winter or cold water in the summer, she’ll be ready.

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