COVID Shipping Updates

COVID Shipping Updates

Hi All!

Because our shipping dates have changed frequently and because we do not want to clog your inboxes with daily emails, we've decided to create this post to keep you updated on current shipping times. If there are any new updates, they will be posted here. 

Fall Lifestyle Boxes
All Fall Boxes have shipped.

October Beauty Boxes
All October Beauty Boxes have shipped. 

October Lifestyle Boxes
All October Lifestyle Boxes have shipped. 

November Beauty Boxes
All November Beauty Boxes have shipped. 

November Lifestyle Boxes
All November Lifestyle Boxes have shipped. 

December Beauty Boxes
All December Beauty Boxes have shipped. 

December Lifestyle Boxes
December Lifestyle Boxes are actively shipping. If you chose to wait for the delayed mug or have not submitted your shipping preference, your December Lifestyle box will ship by January 25th. You can submit your preference here. UPDATE: A partial shipment of the mugs have arrived. The rest of the shipment should arrive by January 21st.

Winter Lifestyle Boxes
Winter Lifestyle Boxes are actively shipping.

January Beauty Boxes
January Beauty Boxes are actively shipping

January Lifestyle Boxes
January Lifestyle Boxes start shipping January 27th.

We want to again thank you for your patience and support. We sincerely apologize for these delays and frequent changes to our shipping times. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Team Bombay & Cedar

Last Updated January 18th, 2022.


  • D

    I would love to see the inserts go digital! Saves some trees and ink <3

  • Karen Elmquist

    As a brand new member just exploring the site, I’m impressed by this transparency. Keep safe! I look forward to my first box whenever it my be.

  • Rosanna C

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I prefer you posting on here then flooding our emails. Much appreciated.

  • Kelly

    I’m so excited about the mystery box. Fingers crossed it’s for cool, useful stuff in it and not junk.

  • Janet

    Thank you for letting us know and for taking the time to get caught up, like not doing your seasonal sale until everything is caught up. I understand with staff unable to work, and staying safe and healthy. Those should be your priorities. Thank you and blessings!! Can’t wait for things to get back to whatever this new normal will be. Blessings on your business, may it be fruitful, we count you!!

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