June Sneak Peek #2
Bombay And Cedar Jun 06, 2018

Essence Oil by J'aime

We're excited about June's second spoiler! Each box will include an Earth Essence Oil with Infused Healing Crystals by J'aime. Retail Value $24

A sexy,  summery and subtle fragrance with a hint of musk good for all year round. Pleasing to both men and women.

Infused with healing crystals including:

Tigers eye - Protection during travel, makes one invisible to negative energy.

Aventurine - Opens hearts to others, brings adventures in love and travel.

Onyx - Grounding.

Quartz - Clears negativity on all levels, promotes spiritual expansion and awareness. Promotes enlightenment.

Rose Quartz - Promotes heart healing and positive self-love, self-esteem, body image.  Aids in opening to Goddess within.

Garnet - Stimulates life force, draws harmonious sensual energy, attracts harmonious relationships.

Citrine - Fosters self-awareness, alertness.

What are you waiting for? You have until June 12th or until supplies last to order yours! If you’re not already a Tribe BC member, make sure you reserve your box here:  GET THE BOX!


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