June Sneak Peek #2

June Sneak Peek #2

Essence Oil by J'aime

We're excited about June's second spoiler! Each box will include an Earth Essence Oil with Infused Healing Crystals by J'aime. Retail Value $24

A sexy,  summery and subtle fragrance with a hint of musk good for all year round. Pleasing to both men and women.

Infused with healing crystals including:

Tigers eye - Protection during travel, makes one invisible to negative energy.

Aventurine - Opens hearts to others, brings adventures in love and travel.

Onyx - Grounding.

Quartz - Clears negativity on all levels, promotes spiritual expansion and awareness. Promotes enlightenment.

Rose Quartz - Promotes heart healing and positive self-love, self-esteem, body image.  Aids in opening to Goddess within.

Garnet - Stimulates life force, draws harmonious sensual energy, attracts harmonious relationships.

Citrine - Fosters self-awareness, alertness.

What are you waiting for? You have until June 12th or until supplies last to order yours! If you’re not already a Tribe BC member, make sure you reserve your box here:  GET THE BOX!

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