• May Sneak Peek #1
    Bombay And Cedar May 03, 2018

    May Sneak Peek #1

    Each May box will include a Room Spray by Mer-Sea. Retail Value $19 "Spray a fine mist of essential oils to enliven any space. Packaged in a 4 oz. clear...

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  • Announcing May's Theme: Breathe!
    Bombay And Cedar Apr 29, 2018

    Announcing May's Theme: Breathe!

    Announcing May’s Theme: Breathe! A breath of fresh air. Something or someone that makes us feel new, different and exciting. Letting go of irritations. Every breath of oxygen is sweet and special. ...

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  • Announcing April’s Theme: Purify!
    Bombay And Cedar Mar 21, 2018

    Announcing April’s Theme: Purify!

    Announcing April’s Theme: Purify! Spring is a good time for renewal. While you declutter and deep clean your home, it is also a good time to cleanse your mind and...

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  • March Sneak Peek Number One
    Bombay And Cedar Feb 28, 2018

    March Sneak Peek Number One

    Each March box will include Rosehip and Hibiscus Anti-Stress Night Cream by Terre Mere Cosmetics. Retail Value $112 "This soothing night cream will nourish and revitalize parched and sun-damaged skin...

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  • Announcing March's Theme: Flourish!
    Bombay And Cedar Feb 23, 2018

    Announcing March's Theme: Flourish!

    Announcing February’s Theme: Flourish! With the season of Spring around the corner, it's almost time to witness plants blossom and enjoy the warm, breezy temperatures. The trees which once were bare are now...

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