Bombay & Cedar is committed to providing you with high quality, aroma-therapeutic essential oils. Every drop of oil that you order from us comes from a natural source that is carefully planted, grown and harvested so that we start with the best ingredients to be steam-distilled or cold-pressed into perfect essential oils for you and your family.

Bombay and Cedar Essential Oils

Global Sourcing

The best plants are grown in their ideal habitat, which is why we source our oils from all over the world. Whether its cedarwood harvested from the forests of the Himalayan mountains of Nepal or lavender flowers from a fragrant field in France, you will get the best because every plant is grown in the best conditions. Through global sourcing, we can offer you high quality oils.

Quality Control

All of the essential oils we get have high quality control standards. We make sure that along every step of the way, the process is safe, effective, and ethical. We make sure that each bottle of oil is perfect by testing every batch as it’s produced to be sure it meets our 100% pure standards. Then we can pass on only the purest oils to our valued subscribers.

Every type of oil will undergo a different quality control process by our supplier because they all have varying aspects that need to be tested. An essential oil may be tested for: odor, color, appearance, taste, clarity, specific gravity, optical rotation, flash point, refractive index, and solubility. These scientific tests are what help us know for sure that our oils are all natural.


Even though we work hard to keep our essential oils consistent, the truth is that there will be some minor differences from year to year because of variations in the plants and weather. However, this is part of the beauty of essential oils because they come from nature and nature cannot be manufactured to be the same year after year.

Bombay and Cedar Essential Oils

Our essential oils are bottled in dark-colored amber glasses to ensure the longevity of the oil. UV light rays from the sun and even light fixtures can damage essential oils and cause them to break down more quickly, making them less effective. That’s why we make sure that we protect the oil in dark packaging. We also use glass instead of plastic because glass doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into the oils like plastic.